Why Alliance?

What separates us from the rest?

Most alarm companies use standard alarm monitoring over the telephone lines through one monitoring center. If the phone line is cut, the monitoring center will not receive the signal. The other problem is the lack of a timely response by the police department because of the false alarm problem. Ask any police officer and they will tell you a standard alarm isn’t high priority.

Our four regional fully redundant UL Central Monitoring Stations were the first in the industry to offer two-way voice over cellular. Even if an intruder cuts the phone line we will still get the signal. Instead of waiting for a phone call back with standard monitoring, our On Star Cellular Two Way Voice Monitoring will allow an operator to come directly over the intercom of the alarm system allowing for direct communication. This will allow the operator to verify and prioritize the alarm and can be the difference between a code 3 standard dispatch and a Code 2 or Code 1, verified burglary in progress or home invasion which is a much higher priority dispatch.


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